Established in 2009, Lifestyle Building & Maintenance began as the product of a shared dream, a passion for carpentry, working outdoors and a family trade.Founders and Directors Kurt Staples and Greg Watts had been through the journey of their carpentry apprenticeship in the early 2000s, and together found the inspiration to raise their own company from the ground up.

Kurt Staples had realised his affinity with outdoor work early on during his stint in Surveying at University. Beforehand he had also undertaken numerous DIY furniture and timber projects, which were noticed by a builder working on his family home. He recognised the quality of his work and before too long, Kurt was making headway in his 4 Year Carpentry Apprenticeship where he and Greg met.

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Not long after taking on some ad hoc building jobs with his father in 2002, Greg discovered that the term runs in the family rings true. He felt a connection to building and working outdoors that was missing in his previous office and sales role. This naturally led him to decide to commit to a carpentry apprenticeship, to continue the line of builders and carpenters that had been in his family for generations. When you choose Lifestyle Building & Maintenance, you are building with the knowledge that has been handed down from father to son through 4 generations of dedicated tradesmen.

Since commencing operations, our team has taken a sustainable low volume-high quality approach to growth within the company. This ensures that we can effectively maintain the highest quality standards, both in our operations and within our relationships with clients and colleagues. We have a committed team of highly skilled professionals and enlist only the most qualified licensed contractors to assist us, as well asour valued clients, with any building or renovation projects we do.